Life EP

by Sander Clasen

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released April 8, 2013




Sander Clasen Barcelona, Spain

Sander Clasen is a singer-songwriter. He sings from a deep and gentle voice to a growled burst with influences from blues,jazz, reggae and rock. His First Work as a solo artist was ‘Life EP’.

He has some experience too as a drummer and saxophonist! He also studies Psychology through distance learning.
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Track Name: Life
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you yin yang,thought both I would loose ya'.
I felt all the cold of this long warm summer, little strength I had left.
We won't be a musical drama, It's something I need to believe. I'm praying all the best for my mamma, I'll soon have to leave.
Life you've made me smile, like a spark of light in the empty wild. Be strong, never mind the test, for the night itself never goes to rest. Love I'll be there in case, even if you forget my voice or my face. What you did, what you said, will stay forever in hot clay and when things get into shape you'll get back your mana. Oh my sweet child, my sweet child, my sweet child... I only want the best for you. I'll feel good when you feel all good, when I see you laughing.
Track Name: The Sailor
Roses of colour 'escarlatta', the sailor throws to the sea, the wind blowing adventure, the past setting him free. He knows where he comes from, he's grateful for what he's got, feels part of 'lovesome' nature, unique unrepeatable life. Celebrating an intimate fiesta, seafood marinara and alcohol, holding a rod on his siesta, dreams of mermaids at the port of call.
Yeh baby and i'ts sunny, we're gonna find our treasure on the shore, even if your daddy, doesn't like me no more. I'm a sea sunny bunny, that jumps over ocean floor, won't stop for love or money, young forever more.
If the boat is made of paper, he will be at the wheel, he doesn't care if he is safer, he'll stand up and never kneel. The salty puddle ain't for a quitter, just not a sailor of sweet seam his element is the water and it will aways-always be.
Track Name: Lady In The Red Shoes
Somebody in a certain gravity floating near the sun, sweet surfer. Galaxy with no science remedy exploding infront, my sky opens, my sky opens, my sky's raining for you.
Lady in the red shoes, save me from this wicked game, let's dance at the end of my world.
You come and say hi, too long we've been apart, making sense of everything that I don't understand.
Lady in the red shoes, are you walking besides me? every colored kiss, I hear sweet melodies.
Everytime I see you, every time I hear your name, every time you leave me I think I'm gonna lose... my mind, my mind,my mind, Think I'm gonna lose my....
You energize me, you flourish all the good things out of me my dream, I'm swinging without a swing. There's no pain, no reason to be sad, no my dear, this is all I wished to be. Pretty little joker take me to that place where winged fat babies sing your name.
Track Name: The Secret
If you close your eyes and feel how the fire burned, consume since then and you observe since then, If you fall into the well of your own oblicion, and won't get out of it.
It will drown your soul, It will drain your life, It will hurt your mind, It will split your heart. It will weaken your being, It will blind your way, and you'll be the only one to know why. It's normal feeling to protect a child....a wounded child.

When he runs when the beast appears, when he hides between the leaves, when he doesn't want to tell anyone, because he's the only one afraid, because nobody would listen.
If you look infront into the water, and see yourself now, and see you're capable now, if you show up from the shadows, and won't fall again .
It will cure your scars, It will strenghten your spirit, It will open your eyes, it will free you inside, It will awaken your power, Reality will be shown, and you'll be the only one to know why.
Track Name: If You're Really Gonna Hurt Me
He told that he loves her loud and clear, she started building high her own 'fantasia', "for love, I'm letting him pass my frontier".
Chit chat honey at the top of the cliff, slip sip going down-down on the lip, "the if is gambling with my tears".
" I had to choose from all the hay, the shortest straw if all, before it blew away". "I'm waiting for you to place an apple on my head. you'll tell me you'll miss me, but your arrow is misled".
If you're really gonna hurt me, please don't do it slow, you better do it right for once. " You can have all the dust of your broken toy, I'll pick up my pieces, left aside by a grown up boy"."I made my heart bullet proof, the are many gaps inside, to let the bullets through". And now she feels alone, all alone, she offered her body and soul on a tray, she wonders why she gave everything away, the bandit got in at home and he's not gonna stay.
He told her that he loves her loud and clear, she knows herself with no 'fantasia', "for love, I've learned to distinguish who approaches my frontier".
Track Name: Dad's Song
Friend of my life, you always were there, you never dissaponted me, and I believed in you. Yesterday we were arguing, and later we were laughing, and now I won't sto crying.